“I don’t believe charities should exist!”
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It might not surprise you that someone said that to me when I asked them what they thought of fundraising. It might surprise you that it was someone who works for a charity.

But, it made perfect sense to her: “the work I do with vulnerable older people should be directly funded by the government. Their care shouldn’t be left to chance, generosity and begging.”

This is a pretty extreme response to fundraising, but all fundraisers are familiar with the difficulties around winning support from non-fundraising colleagues.

I was recently invited on to the Charity Chat podcast to discuss dealing with objections and nurturing strong internal relationships to aid fundraising.

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My key advice was:

1.       Make it easy for your colleagues: remember that you’re asking a favour – this isn’t their job

2.       Solicit your colleagues: consider how working with you might meet their priorities

3.       Inspire them about the opportunity

4.       Pivot your organisation to integrate fundraising into all job roles

5.       Manage expectations – the major donor fail rate is 75%

6.       Change the language around ‘budgets’

Listen here to get the full conversation

Ilana Jackman is a Fundraising Coach & Consultant. If you’d like to discuss your fundraising activity contact her www.ilanajackman.com